Friday, July 20, 2012


Thursday could just not come quickly enough for Aaron, who couldn't wait to be on the field in all his goalie glory.  Their opponents were a tough crowd though and in the first half Aaron let 4 balls through - in fact, one deflected off his shoe as he was trying to kick it away!  His posture beskoke utter discouragement - Nick and I went around the back of the goal to offer encouragement and support.  The second half was way more exciting, not only because of the brilliant sunset (it really did look as red as the second picture before fading to orange and then grey) but because no more goals were scored despite a lot of activity near Aaron's goal.  He did some great work for his team! 
Friday we were back at the sports stadium for both boys' games; this time we watched from the warmth of the car overlooking the field. Caleb's team won their game 5-0 but Aaron's team were defeated again :( Still a good play though. It was brilliant to be home after the games with pizza and a movie and the entire family (although Nick and the boys' choice of movie was so much to my disliking that I fetched the ironing board and got through a stack of wrinkled shirts!)

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