Friday, March 16, 2012

Well swum, swan!

After my morning at school, I put on my 'supportive mom' hat and went to watch the boys at the inter-school swimming event which had been on the go since 9 am.  I felt for all the very dedicated parents and teachers and helpers who had to be there all day with the constant noise of the cheering schools, the starter clappers, whistles blowing, splashing and babble in the indoor swimming complex, but for an hour and a half it was quite manageable.  Caleb and Aaron had already swum two of their mandatory three events by the time I arrived but I got to watch one each of their events plus an extra relay for Aaron.  Caleb won his race (I joked to a mom who has superstar swimmers that now I know what it's like to have overachievers as children...but jokes aside, I was really proud of him) and Aaron came second last in his breaststroke event - to be fair, his swimming group had only had one crash course in the stroke the day before!  He did superbly in the freestyle relay though, knifing through the water really well.  The senior relays were probably the highlight of the day though for most as this was when the best swimmers competed - TCS won two out of three events!!  So proud of our school. And on that note, I'm happy to say that now it IS my school - I have been appointed as the permanent Office Administrator starting in Term 2.  Shortlisting, interviews and decisions were all made this week and now I am officially on the staff.  Thanks to Shaun Brooker for installing me in the office off the street back in August last year; thanks to Bethany and the Board for keeping me on, and mostly, thanks to God for this huge blessing!
Above: thumbs up from Caleb! 

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