Friday, March 23, 2012

Wacky Hair or normal?

All good fun and laughs today at school as most of the kids and staff came with wacky hair-dos - don't know how anyone got any serious work done with seeds falling out of seed pods all over the floor (well done to a very creative mom on her daughters' winning do's) and hairspray fumes heating up the classes.  Had the lovely job of photographing some samples from each class.  I had to pop out during the morning to get a document signed and, feeling just a little embarrassed about the bird in my hair and faux-beehive style, I explained to the chairman that it was an occasion at school.  "Ah," says he, "I didn't notice."  (I wasn't sure if this was because he isn't big on details or because he thinks I am normally weird and this didn't seem unusual??)
Above: Caleb, in Room 5 - all quite serious and hard at work; Aaron's class below (Aaron to the left), not so serious!

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Buckland said...

Not fair that we did not get to see a photo of your hair do. You just leave us wishing we got to see it - and wondering if we would have noticed. ;-)