Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chirpy, like cricket

Before dawn had even cracked, Nick and the boys had been whisked off to Dunedin with Tom and his boys to watch the fourth day of the test cricket match between NZ and SA.  This was the boys' first live match and they enjoyed the action, although test cricket can be a little dull.  Their day was certainly enhanced by being able to get autographs from several of the players, get their faces in a TV camera (although no one has claimed to see them on telly yet) and claim free gear - they came home around 9 pm with mini cricket bats, balls, wickets and thankfully no sunburn.  It was an awesome day out for the men - thanks again to Tom for their treat!
Below: Daniel Vittore, past captain of the NZ side.

Below: Jacques Kallis, for SA.
I had been looking forward to an entire day of unbroken solitude, but by around 11.30 the house was clean, two loads of washing hung, and I started feeling lonely.  Not bored, just lonely.  Kept busy during the day with cleaning the church, practicing music, crafting a little, shopping and what not, but came to the conclusion that there's more to life than productivity, and a day flying solo is not all that great after all.  At 6 pm when I went to buy fixings for a meal-for-one I really felt like a desperate single, sure that the cashier was inwardly laughing at me and my solitary tomato, taking malicious delight in my sad little Saturday night salad.  But ho, I have friends and knew that I would have been berated at church if I confessed to my status the next day, so called up the Gregorys and invited myself over for company and crafting.  And actually the salad was amazing!  On St Helena we used to get Sally's every Friday and eat it in Castle Gardens - I would habitually get the chicken pasta salad with sweet chilli sauce.  This came pretty close!

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