Sunday, March 04, 2012

Isn't every day Children's Day?

Although there was a chill wind blowing, the blue skies lured us outdoors and to the bay after the fellowship lunch following the morning service. It's autumn now; summer's over but we can still take advantage of the sun while it's available! Turns out it was Children's Day today which meant that the fair rides were running and were FREEEEE; there was free-face painting, free fruit, lolly scrambles, clown performances and much more. Of course we missed most of it because we arrived about 20 minutes before everything closed, but it was good to catch a bit of the vibe and a few lollies. Met up with the Phillipses and Gregories at the Bay; Graham and Liz shouted us to miniature golf. The joke was that we were the only ones with cash available - I loaned them the money so they could pay for us! Doh :)

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