Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweet notes

Had a music practice with Liz and Graham in Liz's shop this evening - good fun to play music together with passersby looking in the shop window and smiling (okay, well, only passerby, but she looked like she would have liked to stop and listen!).  Whipped through the songs in record time - we shall see what happens on Sunday in church!
During grocery shopping this afternoon my eye fell upon a box of cannelloni tubes.  Had heard of cannelloni but never tried it, definitely never tried making it.  Had some spinach in the fridge already, so made a spinach, ricotta, and tuna cannelloni with tomato sauce (I modified the recipe on the back of the box).  Wow!  The bitter tomato combined with the creamy filling, sweetened with a hint of mixed spice, with superb.  I'll definitely be trying that again!

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