Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blowing hot and cold

Timaru achieved the highest AND lowest temperatures today - we were the hottest and coldest place in NZ with a low of 8 deg C and a high of 29.2 deg C - we felt the heat!!  It had been a cold cloudy morning but in anticipation of the forecasted sunshine I had two loads of washing out - had to bring them in at 3 pm to prevent them overdrying (that NEVER happens here, even in summer).  Nick took the boys to the beach for a swim in the afternoon (I stayed home and practiced violin but my hands were sweating so much with the heat I couldn't get it right!).  Normally this kind of weather changes suddenly to a cold southerly, but today it stayed hot until late into the night.  The good weather is not quite over yet despite many trees changing to their beautiful autumn colours already.

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