Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another bye-bye at the Bothas

The sun was supposed to be shining this afternoon so we thought to organize a picnic at the Botanical Gardens after church - instead we were invited to the Bothas for a BBQ as a farewell for Mr and Mrs Wilson (our farmer John's parents) who return to Ireland on Thursday after their four months in NZ.  They are a regular part of our congregation as they come here for summer each year, returning to the UK for their northern hemisphere summer (I like that way of thinking).  Andreas and Danielle had a crowd - John and his parents, Olive and Mary, Cynthia, Les and Marge, and the four of us all managed to fit around two tables in the diningroom.  And what a BBQ it was - genuine SA boerewors made by a genuine SAcan (not Andreas), chops and chicken, salads, breads, potatoes, carrots...we ate!!  Thanks again, Bothas, for a really lovely afternoon and some excellent multi-cultural company and linguistics :)

The boys teaching Danielle and Margaret some UNO rules, below...
Unfortunately we didn't get a repeat of yesterday's weather - instead, it was strange and unusual in the opposite direction with a HAIL storm!!  Some heavy rain rained itself out after about an hour and then the sun was out again, but it turned chilly. 
Above: Aaron trying to catch hail!

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