Monday, December 12, 2011

Two reports

Had our last Sunday School for the year, in which Grant combined our classes (we had all of three children, what with two of them being away in SA already, and two just being absent) and did a quiz.  Prizegiving was during the that's it for another year!  We pray that the many lessons given will be remembered and applied.  Spent a quiet afternoon at home, then after the afternoon service we gathered around a table of feasting at the Tor-Kilsen's house - Jeremiah, Chrissy and Isaac served up a huge delicious roast and veggies to Miss Ferguson (Aaron's Room 3 teacher) and her beaux James, Grant, and us.  Had a bit of singing-songing around the piano after tea - was great.

On Monday the boys wore mufti to school for a rocky shore outing which was hugely successful by all accounts.  Caleb got himself sunburned, to my huge dismay.  I'd rather they were pale and healthy than pink and cancerous!  They brought their year-end reports home from school today and as always, the Reading of the Report is a big deal to be celebrated and remembered.  The boys both brought home excellent reports which did us proud - especially the comment on 'eagerness to participate in devotions and discussions about God'.  Well done boys!  We took them to the Warehouse (where everyone...) for a reward; they came home with Lego.

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