Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home sweet home

Treated the boys to Tintin at a cinema yesterday - it's been years since they've watched a big screen movie, and if ever there was one that is fantastic on a BIG screen, it's Tintin!!  We thoroughly loved it; the animation is incredible and the action sequences pretty exciting.  Drove around looking for fish and chips for lunch but couldn't find a shop that was open (it was Boxing Day after all), so settled for KFC. 

Last day in Auckland today - I think we were all ready to be back in Timaru.  Auckland is an interesting city; being here was like being in another country to our quiet home town.  We're unused to crowds and bustle and traffic and too many choices and streets almost exclusively comprised of Asian shops with incomprehensible names.  A huge thanks again to Ken and Joy for the use of their gorgeous home while they were away!  Enjoyed the flight back to Christchurch - glad that everything was functional and intact after the latest earthquakes last week, a day after our being there.  Had a cup of tea with Peter and Michelle before the two hour drive back home. 

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