Friday, December 16, 2011

Sit, stay, smile

Holidays at last, yee-ha!!  Aaron had a birthday party to get to on the first day, and I had some work at school to do.  Caleb stayed home with Nick.  Friday: Cold, gloomy grey skies were not much of a greeting but it was dry enough outside for the boys to play around outdoors.  I had a large agenda which included cleaning the stove, updating the blog, and doing a way overdue digital calendar for December for my parents.  Had to first get some photos of the boys.  Aaron is a great poser and will sit anywhere, look in any direction, and smile or not according to my instructions.  Caleb does not do any of the above very willingly and frustrates his brother in delaying the process of procuring a good picture.
Nick was finished with his sermon prep by lunch time, so we used the afternoon to do some shopping in about five different locations around Timaru. Watched "Mr Popper's Penguins" around pizza in the evening - the movie is terribly disappointing if you've read the book, being only very loosely based around the original novel. I'd recommend rather reading the book and skipping the movie entirely :)

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