Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Prize-giving production

Last day of proper school today, but with prizegiving rapidly coming upon us the school day was largely taken up with rehearsals and final practices of class items.  Trophies engraved and polished, shoes shone, hair brushed, nerves settled - finally, 6 pm came and it was time to begin...well done to the many children who received awards and trophies!  Caleb and Aaron's class item was a rapped version of "Joyful joyful" complete with shuffling, solo raps and wormy-things across the stage.  It was pretty cool!

"Walk, walk in the light" above, and sign-language to "God Defend New Zealand" below...

Room 4 doing their thing...Aaron above and Caleb to the left, below.
REALLY wanting to get into the photo!
Christmas Carol medley

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