Sunday, December 25, 2011

Just us for Christmas

Christmas Day - a day to reflect on Jesus' incarnation, ministry and mission, in becoming our Saviour through His death on the cross to atone for our sins.  Thank you wonderful Lord!  First thing (only thing actually) on the day's plan was to attend Shore Baptist Church, which is one of the churches in the Fellowship of Reformed Baptist Churches of New Zealand (FRBCNZ) of which MRBC is a member.  This entailed a 40 minute drive and a crossing of seas on the Auckland Harbour Bridge to get to the school hall which houses the congregation.  Great to meet some new brothers and sisters and have Nick sitting next to me during a service!  Back home for a barbeque complete with Coca Cola for our Christmas lunch, then just a very relaxed afternoon followed; the boys loved their new water slide! 
Took a drive early evening to the Eastern Beach, but realized (obviously) that the view would be better on the western side; drove 1 km across the 'finger' to Bucklands Beach and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.  There are some really swish houses around here with huge decks and levels built to take advantage of the view.  Nice.

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Helen Williams said...

Looks like lots of fun had by all.