Saturday, December 17, 2011

40 x 2 =

Had two 40ths to attend this evening (our friends are getting old). The first was Matt's M party at their house, which meant we had to dress up as something beginning with M...Nick was a Musician (that was a no-brainer for someone who doesn't do fancy dress - he just had to take his harmonica-holder along); I was a Manga character (Japanese anime); Caleb was a Mugger (complete with balaclava, sunglasses and mini baseball bat) and Aaron was a Mad Scientist with an apron and fake nose and glasses. There was an interesting array of Ms in attendance, most notably by Bronwyn who was Miss Pippi-Longstockings! Matt and Rachel have a host of really great friends and family as evidenced in the houseful of happy, chatty people.
We left shortly before 8 to get to the next 40th, which was Graham's party held in Liz's shop in town - no time to get home in between for a change of outfit so looked somewhat out of place in a roomful of elegantly attired adults. Again, another gathering of really great people, several of whom were strangers to us. Liz had brainstormed a quiz as the post-meal fun; it was hilarious and extremely well thought-out. Happy birthday to our two mid-life buddies!

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