Monday, December 19, 2011

Then there were two

The boys are enjoying the opportunity to sleep in during the holidays, only rolling out of their rooms after 8 am despite the 5.45 am sunrise (not that we could tell that the sun had risen this morning, with yet another cold, grey day at the start).  Nick left early to start on a day of chopping wood and was gone all day until about 5.30, leaving me and the boys to fill in the day.  The boys were on room-cleanup duty during the morning and really stretched it out, getting thoroughly distracted at every turn.  No matter, it kept them occupied.  I bustled around the house, tidying up, ironing, folding washing, washing dishes etc - great to get stuck into some housework.  Around lunch time one of Caleb's friends phoned to tell him to bring a change of clothing to his birthday party.  Yikes!  We had totally forgotten.  Had to phone to organize a lift for him but he got there no problem, leaving just me and Aaron for the afternoon.  Poor Aaron missed his brother terribly despite us playing a few rounds of Rummikub and me serenading his tender ears with La Cumparsita.  He was thrilled when Nick came home with a trailer load of bluegum and he could help offload, and a short while later when Caleb was dropped back off home with some loot and stories to tell.  The sun came out during the afternoon; let's hope it stays that way tomorrow!

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