Saturday, December 10, 2011

BBQ, et al

We knew it would be a busy day today with a lot of things to fit in - first thing was buying Sunday School prizes for tomorrow's prizegiving in town.  We met up with Grant at the Christian bookstore in town and it took a long time to find something suitable.  Caleb and Aaron pretty much chose what they wanted - no surprise for them!  Back home just long enough to collect the violin, gather music and hang up washing, then off to the church for a music practice.  Home again, cooked chicken nibbles and made a potato salad, then headed off to Caroline Bay for our annual church picnic.  It got off to a slow start - we arrived at 3 pm and by 3.30 were still the only ones there, so ate all our food as a solitary family.  People drifted in slowly after that, with the party really getting going by about 6 pm when folk started bbq'ing; by that time we had to head off! 

During the picnic/bbq time at the Bay, I picked up my photographer's hat to reshoot a bit of Toni and Moses' wedding.  You'll remember that on the day of their wedding, Moses' father was badly burned in a devastating house-fire when he rescued his grandson from the flames, so was in hospital and missed the entire wedding.  The Lord has been so good in how Amenio has healed so well - two months after the fire he is up and about, with only a hand still bandaged.  Toni wanted to get a few parent photos before her in-laws head back to Fiji tomorrow.

At 6.30 pm we were at Artfull Crafts in town for an evening of caroling - Nick and I added guitar and violin to the band of piano, trombone and accoustic bass to facilitate a sing-song following a day of crafting for Lizzie and her Ladies.  Had an impressive 'supper' (the kiwi type) following the singing with Liz proving that she CAN bake after all, and that in spectacular style! 

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