Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunset and moonrise

Could hardly believe that it was another sunny day today, with absolutely clear blue skies at that! The boys and I got a bit of weeding done in the front garden - one just really wanted to be outdoors to soak up some rays. Finally got my CV finished and starting applying for jobs...the time has come for me to re-enter the workplace after nearly five years of full-time @homeness. It's been a blessing and a privilege, but now it seems the Lord would use me in a different sphere. Watch this space! It's taken ages to put my CV together as I've presented it a little differently...this is the first page. Had an early tea of nachos (Pak'n'Save kindly made this decision for me by having mince, corn chips, sour cream AND chilli beans on special) and then we all bundled up and drove to Patiti Beach to enjoy the sunset. Well, not really to enjoy it as much as photograph it. Although for me that's where the enjoyment comes in! Providentially the full moon had just risen as well; we ran up and down the beach looking for different angles and shots.PS...I haven't forgotten about or abandoned my ABC project...I'm going to work on it slowly though.


kyle said...

Absolutely stunning shots! Maybe you should apply to work for the NZ tourism dept. as a photographer!

Genevieve said...

The above comment was from me although I feel sure Kyle feels the same :-)