Monday, August 09, 2010

Paid to scrap

After the weekend's downpour, we were glad to see the sun out again today, fearing that it might have gone on for several days. Actually it was so warm today that a load of washing dried! Normally it takes two days. In the afternoon I bought supplies to start a commissioned wedding scrapbook album which I'm greatly looking forward to tackling. I now have wedding photos and themed papers and embellishments scattered all over my office. I love weddings! After tea (which was roast chicken, potato wedges, and roasted veggies - yams, courgettes, peppers and onions), we caught up with Mike Beck on skype...Nick met Mike at the School of Theology in Palmerston North. Wives have now all been properly introduced as well...good to meet you, Candice! Directly after saying goodbye I phoned my parents. My dad recently had foot surgery but now the cast has been removed and he has a fancy removable boot. He took it off to show us, so we got to see the wound and a lovely pin sticking out a toe as well which made my toes curl. When we had finished chatting, my dad rebooted. Ha ha ha ha ha...


Michael Beck said...

Nice one Lynn! Good to meet you as well.

Mike and Cands

Genevieve said...

I like your new background/format! It strikes me as very South Pacific Ocean-ish...which is of course appropriate!