Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Moores of Linfields

Between services we luncheoned with Lindsay and Nyree Moore, a couple who have recently started attending our services. They live on a 'lifestyle plot' in the south of Timaru and rear sheep, pigs, cattle and chooks. It was a most wonderful visit, getting to know them both a bit better, and eating off the fruits of their land...roast lamb with an array of homegrown veggies; for dessert the most perfect strawberry and raspberry tart, which by Nyree's confession was her first attempt at such a tart as this. Good to also chat with Bernard over lunch, another of our church chaps who is from the Philippines and has sadly had to leave his family there while he works in NZ for a few years. We google-mapped his home which was really interesting - it's amazing that you can virtually see into anyone's back yard anywhere in the world!

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