Saturday, August 07, 2010

Blue skies to grey

When we were at Waimataitai Beach on Thursday, Aaron suggested a plan for Saturday: that we go to the beach, have a jolly good time there, then walk across Ashbury Park (he didn't use its proper name, of course, being ignorant of it at the time) to Pak'n'Save, buy lunch, and take it back to the beach. It did sound like a fine idea, and considering the blue skies in the face of very dreary forecasts, we went for it. Didn't quite do it Aaron's way, rather starting at the grocery store and walking across to the lunch destination. I was hoping to get some great beach shots but even with a .9 ND filter the light was too bright - just the wrong time of day. Spent a bit of time there though, and Nick found a huge piece of driftwood which he decided to schlep home for the garden. Spotted these monarch butterflies in the park - I thought they were a little early to be hatching! Anyway, as the day progressed we were really glad to have been outdoors in the sunshine, as it clouded over an hour later and for the rest of the day poured with rain.
At precisely 6.45 pm I was whisked away to a ladies' evening - a fundraiser for TCS at the Life Church, with cake, a movie, and spot prizes. It was a lovely evening - thanks again to my kind sponsor :)

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