Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Inspired by a recent photographic article from my cousin, I am going to shoot the alphabet. Couldn't decide if I wanted to find something beginning with the letter or something that features the letter, so will do both - I hope I'm up for the challenge! After last year's PotD project this should be a snap. When the sun broke through the clouds at around 4.45 this afternoon I grabbed the camera, rounded up the reluctant boys and set off up the road. We didn't go far but it was so great to be outside and see a bit of sun. 20 minutes later it was all over but the clouds are definitely looking thinner; there's hope for tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar. Got some baking done this afternoon, yeah, it's been a while! Date squares are in the fridge and chocolate oats cookies are air-setting on the bench. Anyway, here's A:

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