Monday, August 16, 2010

Just beyond the weekend

...and still the grey weepy skies and sullen temperatures. Had a hint of sun this morning, enough to cast a brief shadow, but that was all. Had a few laughs in school with our radishes as a 'living space' experiment didn't turn out as we'd hoped. My "just pretend this plant is standing upright" brought forth chortles from Caleb. Not very scientific, Mom. The boys made me laugh with a comedy act they're copying - I was impressed with their efforts at Short Man. Bronwyn has lent us Dutch Blitz for a few days so the boys and I had a few rounds during our tea break. They quickly got the hang of it - it's a turbo speed game where everyone plays cards as they're available, so you have to think fast and play fast. As soon as school was done we had another few rounds, and then Nick joined us for one or two after lunch before we all went out together to run a few errands. We had hoped to see Les and Marg who returned home yesterday from a two-month overseas holiday, but they were out when we called by their house (after first circling the neighbourhood several times, convinced that their whole house had shifted as nothing looked familiar; to our credit we had been distracted by an elderly couple standing outside their house with suitcases, waiting for a taxi...two doors up from the Nieuwoudts). Had hoped to get out with the camera in the afternoon but didn't get past the post box - just too jolly miserable outside. But wow, look what is blooming!!


Genevieve said...

Daffodils! For us that means spring has arrived!

Hazel Beckett said...

Your photography is GREAT! I am sure you will enjoy this summer greatly after the long unfriendly winter weather.