Thursday, August 12, 2010

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In my Bible-in-Schools class this morning I deviated from my lesson and did a time-line drawing on the whiteboard instead, explaining Jesus' incarnation and birth, his death and resurrection, and the Holy Spirit being given at Pentecost. It was kind of fun doing a whiteboard presentation - it's such a strong visual aid and the kids loved it. Back home for the rest of our school which Nick had started - he does the spelling, handwriting, language arts and maths with the boys on a Thursday, or as much of it as they can get through. In the afternoon I bought the last of the supplies I'll need for the wedding scrapbook although it took an hour of circling the shop before I could decide on the patterned papers! I put together the first layout for the album and am excited about the rest. I think that often hardest part of a project like this is simply getting started. Now that I have cut into the papers, the rest of it should flow. Nick made tea - bacon rolls, as we'd had lasagne for lunch. It was a pleasure to just arrive in the diningroom and everything was done.

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