Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm really looking forward to, and enjoying, my Bible-in-Schools lesson more and more as the weeks go by. I love how the kids come up before the lesson starts to tell me something about their week, or ask a question about something. They are really attentive in class. We are praying so hard that the Lord will use these lessons as the means by which He calls them to Himself. Then back to the Clevely Academy to finish the morning's work with my two favourite pupils. It was our last radish day today and we were all a little relieved to throw away the majority of little plants, some of which had gone mouldy in their sealed greenhouses and smelled quite ripe (but not in a good radishy way). I've planted several seedlings in a pot in the kitchen - I think that harvest should be sufficient for us non-radish eaters! After lunch we were off to the third school event of the day, Nick's assembly at the Christian school which he takes from time to time. The boys and I like to tag along; Caleb and Aaron sit right in the middle of the school kids with their friends, only looking out of place because of their civvy clothing. And then it was grocery shopping time. Yay for trolleys (or shopping carts)! So, absolutely no time for photography today, you c.
Nick has been helping Simon, one of our church men, in his bakery. He did a late-night shift last night from 10 to 12 after bible study, and has gone for this evening as well. Almost feels like old times on the island where he would go off and do bible studies almost every night of the week. I kind of miss having the evenings to myself - this is a rare novelty but I suspect he may become a weekly bakers' assistant.


Hazel Beckett said...

I love the way the Lord encourages one with children's work. When they start confiding in you, you know that you are becoming their friend. My daughter says "they do not care what you know, until they know that you care"

Genevieve said...

The Lord is really 'knitting you in' there in NZ!

We like trolley better than cart. Stick with trolley.

Regarding radishes...My scientist friend says that no experiment is a bad experiment. Regardless of how it turns out you've learned something.