Thursday, December 14, 2006

School is out!

Today we had our last day of school, finishing off all remaining books, and even doing a new one cover to cover, a little OMF book about a girl in Thailand who gets new toes and a new heart. So that’s that then for the year! I’m very glad to be finished, I need the break as much as the boys do. I’m sure I’ll still try to sneak in a bit of reading with Caleb though, especially since I got some nice easy-read library books. During the afternoon I did a bit of rearranging on the downstairs bookshelf, and moved their school books onto a cleared shelf, also labeling each on one the spine with “PK” for Pre-Kindergarten. Each year’s curriculum will have its books labeled.

The caterpillars are doing well, except that there are only two left, with no evidence of any dead ones…I didn’t know they were cannibalistic by nature, but all the evidence points to this. The two survivors are the biggest ones, and seem to be healthy. I clean out their jar every morning, and boy do they poo a lot. Hopefully this isn’t going to drag on for months and months! I guess I should try to find out the average life-span of a caterpillar…

Oh, I bought a bottle of Wellington’s “Fruity Sweet Chilli Sauce”. You must try this! It’s not a burny chilly at all, and it has pineapple in it. It’s delicious on a cheese and mayonnaise sandwich.

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