Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The other day I oiled the wooden floor in the entrance foyer. Oiling the varnished planks wasn’t a good idea. Where the weathered boards had lost their varnish, the oil soaked in beautifully, but was sitting on top of the better looking ones, and as it’s been so windy, the dust had blown in and simply stuck to the floor. I had to wipe it all thoroughly, and then I waxed over the whole part. I think it’s helped. Bought a very nice coir doormat. After 14 months, we’re still redecorating the house!

Nick carried on with his concreting today, doing more work on the wall. He’s doing an excellent job, painstakingly finding the right size and shape rock for each bit, and leveling it off with string and the spirit level. He’s very pleased with what he’s done and is thoroughly enjoying it – he says it’s so liberating knowing how to mix cement! He’s also starting to fill in holes in the wall separating us from our neighbours, where the holes are so big you could stick your whole hand through. He’s done a section of that. He’s been wanting to give attention to the walls since we arrived here, so to finally be doing it is really great for him. He worked right up until supper time, then came in and wolfed down his supper and then went straight back to work, only stopping when the light was fading just after 7.

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