Friday, December 15, 2006

Murder trial concludes

We got an early start to be at the docks by 8.15 to see off Callum – this is the boys’ friend from the GNC who has been here a few times. They are off to Ascension for Christmas, and they came by a few nights ago to drop off a Christmas present for our boys. We got him something to keep himself busy on the ship – an activity pad and blowing bubbles. Embarkation was set for 8.30 this morning, but they only came strolling along at 8.50!! Of course the ship would have waited for them, but I would have been in a severe panic. Aaron tripped on the road while we were waiting and shredded his knee, it looks pretty bad, shame. He was very brave when we got home and Nick helped me wash it off, cream it up and band-aid it. It didn’t bother him at all the rest of the day. I think he has a high pain threshold!

There was a murder on the island 2½ years ago - two young men beat up another young man in a drunken brawl. The perpetrators have been in prison all this time, but one of the men, who we suspect was mainly responsible for the beating, was sentenced to four years as he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and claimed the minor role. The other chap, who regularly attends Nick’s prison service and has been taking guitar lessons with Nick, had his final hearing today, as a Judge was on the island for the day for the purpose of hearing his case. (The island does not have need of high ranking justices because the cases are usually not complicated or severely criminal). He was sentenced to 6 years, which is heavy in the island context although not in the ‘real world’, and is a bitter pill for him as he claims to be only the accomplice. We are praying that the Lord’s hand will be upon him. He has responded to the gospel.

We had the second part of our Jehovah’s Witnesses study tonight, on the actual teachings of the JWs, and after Nick’s part we had a lot of commenting and discussion which was great. It’s been so interesting studying it all, and I have learned a great deal - more than anything, that they are so gravely deceived!

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