Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day...food...

Happy Christmas everyone! This morning started off much too early, with the boys sneaking downstairs to see what was in their stockings, and finding a juice, packet of chips and scary monster mask. Then they got started playing with their toys. We spent the first bit of the morning just being at home and doing nothing in particular, and then we had our Christmas Day service at 10. The attendance was poor, particularly for a combined service. I think people here just don’t make it a big thing to go to church on Christmas Day. It was a good message though, with Nick concentrating our thoughts on the gift of Christ, and what a sacrifice it was, firstly to go from sharing in his place in the Trinity to becoming a human, and not just any human but the lowest of the low – a servant, born in a manager, died as a criminal.

After church I made an apple crumble and custard, and then we headed off to Brenda and Teddy’s house (see photo). It was a really great afternoon. Steve and Maureen were there, as well as Brenda’s sister and brother-in-law and their two children, and Brenda’ mom. We ate – boy did we eat! Brenda had turkey, gammon and pork, roast potatoes, mixed vegetables, corn, carrots, beetroot, rice and curry. Pudding was as bounteous, and then there were chocolates, chips and peanuts, and then still tea, which we actually just escaped from because we couldn’t eat anything more. Brenda couldn’t send us home empty-handed, so she gave us a box of Roses chocolates (like we need another box of chocolates right now!).

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