Sunday, December 10, 2006

About the JWs

Today has been quiet but nice. We had Good News Club as usual, although there weren’t many kids and they seemed quite lethargic, perhaps year end weariness. Next Saturday is our Christmas Party and that’s the last one for the year. After GNC we went to town for a DVD for the boys, since the weather was quite blustery and overcast (the sun came out while we were in town though but disappeared again later). After the DVD we sent the boys to their room to play quietly which they did, while I worked on a scrapbook page of my parents’ visit in May, and Nick mowed the lawn. A bit later, since the weather had improved a bit, Nick took the boys swimming.

There was a parade of the primary school kids in the street yesterday, for Christmas. Not very big and wonderful, but plenty of music and tinsel and spirit. Yesterday I spent a long time in the afternoon sweeping and cleaning in the back yard. It was looking quite gross, but is all neat and clean again. Caleb was extremely helpful, finding a broom and actually doing some useful sweeping and throwing dustpan-fulls of dirt and dead leaves etc away. It was tiring work, and after that we still had to clean out the schoolroom in preparation for last night’s study! Nick did a lot of work in there too, cutting off the tatty frayed bits of carpet, vacuuming and dusting, and then arranging chairs and benches and a podium etc. I put out cups, and we got the urn out and filled up. It was the first of our Jehovah’s Witnesses studies last night, and we made 50 sets of notes during the day. At 7.30, there were 8 of us in the schoolroom. Extremely disappointing, especially since Nick has put so much work into these talks. We can’t understand why more people aren’t interested. The talk was the first in the series, on the origins of the JWs, and extremely interesting. Basically the man who started the organization was a fraudster, and his followers have been seriously deceived. If you would like a copy of Nick’s notes, drop us an e-mail or comment on this blog post (don't forget to include your e-mail address).

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