Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Today was the 7th anniversary of our wedding day. I spent some time this morning while I was out on Jacob’s Ladder, reflecting on our marriage, and have come to the conclusion that I have married a wonderful man who I can trust with our future. It’s a blessing to submit to a husband as worthy as Nick!

We had a busy day - Jean visited the manse early with a bottle of Chamdor, a box of Quality Streets, a cake, and a clock, in the shape of the ship’s ‘steering wheel’ with a picture of Jamestown in the background. It’s hanging proudly on the lounge wall where Nick will be able to see the time when he’s preaching in Bible Study. Nick had to do final preparations for a funeral service he was taking today. He wore his wedding suit (his only suit!), and looked so smart. He left quite early to first go to the chapel of rest where the body is viewed for the last time, then lead the procession to the chapel, and then to the graveside. It all went well, he said, although there were less people than he was expecting. He preached a clear and concise gospel message – the best opportunity for a gospel message is at a funeral, where people are considering their end (Eccles. 7:2 “It is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting, for this is the end of all mankind, and the living will lay it to heart”).

I visiting Lorna during the afternoon for our weekly crafting session. There was another lady there, a Scottish lady whose husband is with DFID, and they will be on the island for about four years and have only been here 6 months so far. Liz also enjoys crafts, and she had some tapestry going while Lorna and I beaded. I was home again at about 3.30, and then the afternoon was just quite chilled, doing a bit of tidying up and what not. We all watched some bits of our wedding video – first time the boys have seen it, so it was quite interesting for them I think. Nick looks so much younger on the video – had lots more hair then, and just generally looked very young (he was only 23 after all). It was so nice to watch, and see so many people that we’d almost forgotten about!

Maureen came to babysit the boys so we could go out to dinner, but before she came, Nick presented me with a song which reduced me to tears (because it was so beautiful). We had a booking at the Chinese Restaurant for 7.30. What an absolutely wonderful evening we had. The restaurant is beautifully put together, very small, but so cosy and atmospheric. The two ladies who run the restaurant and do the serving are actually Chinese or half-Chinese, and were dressed in Chinese outfits. They have big paper umbrellas as part of their décor, and a bamboo screen creating, cutting off the main eating area from the reception desk. The food was excellent – between us we had a dish of BBQ spare ribs, chicken stir-fry and fried-rice, all of which we shared, as well as a starter of spring rolls. We had a bottle of Chamdor too, since we were celebrating! Really, we were very impressed with the place. I gave Nick his card, and a present of a watch which I bought earlier in the day. His other watch’s strap broke some months ago, so he’s been carrying the face around in his pocket.

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