Friday, December 01, 2006

Gecko burial and countdowns

Aaron found a dead gecko by the back door today, so he came inside waving it by its tail, demanding to know why Caleb killed it. Caleb didn’t, the poor thing probably got squashed in the door earlier. Aaron has no fear or qualms about dead animals, actually he doesn’t mind them alive either. I told him to throw it away, so he threw it right into the kitchen rubbish bin. Unfortunately the bag was quite full so it just sort of lay on top of all the stuff in plain view, plainly viewing us with its unblinking eyes. Made me feel totally sick. Luckily it wasn’t long before the gecko was covered with used tea bags and similar rubbish.

I made Christmas countdown and birthday charts for the boys this morning (before school). There are 24 sleeps until Christmas, and 5 until Aaron’s birthday. After school we stuck all the flames onto their wall and then they sat close to the wall to keep warm for a while. Then they rearranged their room to better accommodate the new fireplace (they rearranged again later, so now Aaron’s bed is just plunked in the middle of the room).

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