Friday, December 22, 2006

A morning alone

This morning we had a very relaxed and late sort of start to the day, and I had arranged to take the boys to Isaac and Zara’s house (or Jane’s house) to play. What a wondrous thing! Jane is happy because her kids then have other kids to play with, my boys are happy because they get to play with other children, I’m DEFINITELY happy because I’m boyless for a morning, and Emmy and Selina (Jane’s two helpers) have a doubled load, but also a halved load because our boys occupy their kids. It was very cool. I came home and did scrapbooking, and also drilled holes into a piece of wood I’ve decoupagéd to be able to attach coat hooks to it for the entrance foyer. Nick put it up during the afternoon but had a difficult time drilling into the wall, which is a bit of plaster and a lot of rock. He just couldn’t drill deep enough into the rock, but eventually got it all sorted out and now it’s up and looks super.

The other day we were telling jokes, because Caleb can catch on to some types of humour. Nick asked, “what do you call a man with no arms and no legs in the sea?” The traditional answer is “Bob”, but Caleb came up with “Bouy”! We were very impressed.

By the way, the last caterpillar didn’t make it. Eventually it looked so sad I just let it go in the garden to live out its last remaining hours.

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