Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shocking frockster

Nick left with Andreas well before sunrise this morning for a day in Christchurch to attend the Roving Classroom where Rob Harrod delivered an excellent summary of John Calvin's work on the necessity of reforming the church.  Nick really enjoyed the fellowship and teaching.  I accidentally got up at nearly 8.30, not realizing how late it had gotten!  Kind of a waste of daylight hours (or minutes in this case as the sun rose at 8.12) when there is much to be done on a Saturday.  Not interesting stuff, mind you - blogging, housework, music practice, and a spot of shopping with the boys.  Caleb and Aaron are getting better and better at productivity in the house and their help is much appreciated.  Of course it is also expected as they need to earn their pocket money, but I never take the extra hands for granted. 
I am entering a sewing competition which Joan stumbled across and thought I might like - lately this sort of project is right up my alley.  Frock Stars offers frumpy vintage dresses a chance at a make-over - they can be remade into anything wearable or not, usable or otherwise.  I received my frock in the mail yesterday and it certainly is, er...quite old-fashioned.  I'm looking forward to resculpting it into something. 

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