Sunday, June 02, 2013

Bang? Bang!

It was my birthday yesterday; to celebrate I spent the morning in the school with Caleb for company while everyone went to cross country, and the afternoon at the hospital with Caleb.  Heh heh.  Well, that was the bulk of the day, but actually we had Chinese for tea and watched DVDs (no orchestra practice because of it being the Queen's Birthday weekend).  On Saturday night we had the real celebration at the Gregory's house by way of fish and chips and Les Miserables, along with the Bothas, Laursens and Justus.  It was a good birthday filled with laughter, music, presents, chocolate and fun :)

Sunday we had excellent services and fellowship lunch.  After the pm service we landed back at the Gregorys, since Monday was a holiday and we didn't want to have an early night!  Liz introduced us to egg-toasties - how very clever to crack a raw egg over the bread sprinkled with grated cheese; the top layer of bread is added and the egg cooks in the toasting device.  Not as effective on our George Foreman as the layers are squashed flat - you ideally want a jaffa-maker or shaped toaster.  Justus arrived a bit later with a few board games.  We settled on "Bang!" which the boys have tried to explain before; I can see why their explanations didn't endear us to the game.  It is so very complicated and one must think carefully about so many things in so many directions, but ultimately once Justus had explained all the myriad rules, we got the hang of it and finally understand what the boys were going on about! 

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