Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dinner and dance

We've finished yet another set of swing classes, so it was time for a social. This was a biggie - we all arranged to have tea at the RSA (Returning Services Association) club before the dance itself, and the occasion was a dress-up event as we were anticipating a reporter from the Herald coming along to take photos, to raise awareness and promote the competition some of our groups are entering which will be held in Christchurch next month. The reporter didn't arrive!  Rene's band, MLC, was the live entertainment for the evening and they are really top quality - fabulous music for the swing-outs we've been polishing. 
The next set starts next week and Liz and I will be taking a solo charleston class, followed by another swing-out class which Graham and Nick will come along for.  We are proud of our husbands' commitment to the cause ;)

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