Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finding fossils (I don't mean grandparents)

Timaru was blessed to have international speaker and creation scientist John Mackay visit for a few days. John led a group of school students and homeschoolers and other interested parties, including our Year 5-8s, on a fossil hunt about half an hour out of town. Nick went along as a parent helper so all these images are his...he could probably say more about what happened but mostly the pictures are self-evident. It was great for the kids to understand that fossils were not created over billions of years, but rather from a quick dumping of mud and debris over them - there is so much evidence that points to the historical truth of the Flood. He pointed out how some clams will open shortly after they die, but these clams have fossilized in a closed state, indicating a sudden death and burial.
Above: that's Aaron to the right, in the red jacket.
Above: John talks about the finding he is holding; below: Caleb found the day a little frustrating as his casted arm prevented him from doing much (he is very mobile with his arm, but the strip of plaster between his thumb and forefinger is very rough and makes holding stuff uncomfortable).  Added to that, he lost all the equipment he had taken - hammer, sieve, screwdriver, plus all the fossils he found.
Mrs Thompson and Mr Goulet (below) had a tough run-around at some points keeping kids from being enveloped in whirlpools and sinkholes :)
A beautiful setting and clear skies made a great day out!
Following the hunt, we attended John's evening talk held at Mountainview High School on Darwin and Dawkins and evidence that disputes their claims on 'non-intelligent design' or evolution. We found it to be a thoroughly well-presented and researched lecture and derived much benefit.  We were impressed with MRBC's turnout - we made up about 25 of the total number!

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