Sunday, June 23, 2013

Oldies and newbies

Les and Marg...such a special couple in our congregation. We were pleased to have them back in our midst after their five weeks holidaying on the little island to the west of us.  They will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary next weekend!  We took a packet of bacon to the Bothas home for an informal Sunday lunch of soup and rolls with the Bothas and Niewoudts.  Great way to spend an afternoon :)
We had a few new faces join us on Sunday evening at church - a family of five and a young single fellow.  They have recently moved from the West Coast and have a very interesting history, although this is probably not going to be the forum to share it!  After church and some fellowshipping with various folk, we joined them for a finger supper/tea at the Kempfs where we could bombard them with many questions and get to know them a little.  Bron is always such a great hostess - if there is ever any fluster or panic at being landed with a spontaneous houseful, it's always well hidden from guests!

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