Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Clouds have golden linings

After 35.8 mm of rain yesterday and some flooding in outlying areas, we sure were happy to see the sun today!  Not only was it sunny, but it was warm too - no frost this morning, so the temperature rises quicker in the morning.  It was glorious!  We're in for some really nasty weather later this week with more rain tomorrow, then heavy snow forecast for Thursday and Friday, with highs of 5 degrees.  Timaru normally misses the really good stuff, but we might "lucky".  Apparently it's going to be the heaviest snow that NZ has had in 20 years!  A few years ago it snowed hard in Timaru and there were power outages...so people are starting to get a bit panicky.  I don't normally grocery shop on Tuesdays, what with my violin lesson and then an oboe lesson for Aaron, but I squashed in a quick half hour between events to stock up on necessities.  Who wants to run out of toilet paper when you're stuck at home in bad weather?!
Aaron did fabulously well at oboe today - possibly because he didn't have time to practice directly before his lesson his lips were fresh (the muscles get tired quickly), so Good King Wenceslas made an appearance in tune and on time. 
I had hoped to snap a few photos of today's blue skies, mostly as a reminder to myself in days to come that the sun will shine again, and indeed, is still shining above the clouds (I often use this to remind myself of God's presence - even when we don't feel it, we know that He never leaves us!), but got out shortly before sunset when the blue was already fading and the clouds were starting to come in.

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