Sunday, June 16, 2013

All indoors

Rainy, rainy weekend...Nick spent most of Saturday helping one of our church guys out with something; the boys and I cleaned the house fairly thoroughly before meeting up with Danielle in town for a quick spot of shopping and coffee.  It was all fairly torturous for (and with) the boys - quite honestly though, I can understand how pointless it is for them to be left in the toy section at Farmers with the promise of "you can't buy anything".  Yay Mom, let's look at all the stuff we can't have.  Thanks.  I bought them coffee which I thought would be a treat.  Caleb simply didn't drink his at all as it turns out he really doesn't like the stuff, and Aaron buzzed for all of two minutes before crashing.  In the end, they each got a pair of fluffy blue bedsocks :)

Saturday night was another musical movie evening at the Gregorys, but despite our best efforts and many texts, none of the other invitees came along.  No matter though, we find Graham and Liz to be excellent company on their own!  Next time I might bring along my dressing gown and join Liz in pink-clad coziness.

Sunday (Rainday): A fabulous and encouraging message from Romans on Law and Grace in the morning, and two of the five "Love Languages" in the evening, with plenty of personal illustrations to make things memorable :)  Between services we pulled in at Liz's shop for table tennis (good old Donkey with lots of running around to get warm), and then played another game of Bang, this time with perhaps 5% less questions but still a lot of confusion.  It's all becoming as clear as mud now.
Funny faced friends and family who braved the Tokina and got shot at point blank range...

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