Friday, February 22, 2013

Madness, but not to Midnight

Directly after dancing last night Nick left for Christchurch, to sleep over before catching a flight to Auckland this morning, to spend two days there for a Roving Classroom meeting and the regular FRBCNZ meeting.  The boys and I caught a lift to and from school, and then another lift to Artfull Crafts for a crafty evening with Liz and some local crafters.  Had a super evening working on a photo album project (every year I print a selection of my favourite photos, but then struggle to know how to present them - this year I went the easy route of a scrapbook album with some specially-designed sleeves for inserting photos, along with the odd 12x12 display with just one or two photos on a page - very minimalistic scrapping).  Danielle, Viv and Liz were the only gals I knew at our table but it was great chatting with Tina who goes to Wilson Street Baptist. Didn't stay to the end of Midnight Madness, but got a lift back home around 9.30 pm. 

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