Thursday, February 21, 2013


First social swing dance of the year tonight - and a themed dress-up of 'Flappers and Gangsters'. I asked Nick if he would be okay dressing up if I made it easy by buying all the stuff and keeping it subtle. He said fine.  So a couple of days later I went shopping, keeping it as modest and underplayed as possible for Nick. Told him I'd gotten suspenders and a bowtie, thought I might be pushing it a bit though.  His response?  "Where's my hat?"!
After an hour of swing-outs and twirls and charlestons we concluded that (a) we are out of practice and a little unfit after the summer break of no dancing and (b) a tight 1920s-style headband will cause quite a painful headache.

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Hazel Beckett said...

The most pastor-like couple I have seen in a long time.... Way to go Clevelys!!