Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lekker by die See

Looking at these photos below, it's hard to imagine that we had to drive to school with full lights on, through very foggy conditions...and that people were switching on heaters during the morning.  The sun burned away every last cloud by around midday and the afternoon was magnificent.  Aaron spent the day at the School Park just down the road from the school, playing in a boys' cricket team.  He came home hugely disappointed at having been run out and not done any decent fielding, poor guy.  I sympathised with his disappointment and shared my own bunion woes.  He must have felt even sorrier for me because he offered to make me a cup of tea or coffee, which he did - and a very delicious cup of coffee too.  Bit of an ulterior motive tucked away in his generosity, as he let me know that he had filled the jug to maximum, so could he and Caleb have hot chocolate?  Well, there's one way of getting your mum to say yes to anything!

We had a BBQ planned for tea and when Nick arrived home around 5 pm, he announced that it would be at the bay.  We drove around to a different spot and set up camp near the yacht club.  Another family was in the same area in their mobile home which I should have photographed, so wonderfully had they painted the exterior with scenes from Canterbury.  The boys were quick to make friends over crabs and starfish.
Nick BBQd...
...while I spotted a shag on the rocks and crept near to photograph it.
It didn't seem phased by my presence, so I edged closer and closer...
...until I was resting an elbow on the same rock it was occupying. 
Mmmm, tea - delicious, except the PaknSave potato salad which I can heartily de-recommend.
Andreas and Danielle arrived for a hello, along with Madre and Gene - I am so glad they got to experience a taste of the beach on one of the most perfect summers' evenings - calm and mellow best describes it.
Oh dear, Aaron's togs split - good thing it happened here and now, instead of at school swimming!!

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