Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chicken to face a worm

Other than a walk to Harvey Norman to get the next batch of photos printed, the boys and I spent the day at home by ourselves, rather missing Nick!  Aaron asked one too many times about lunch, so was sent off to the kitchen to make it himself.  Although put that way it sounds somewhat mean - he was really very happy to set about making fried eggs and toast!  Caleb pitched in and helped, and I made my own scrambled eggs (three frying pans a lot of mess resulted).  Aaron's first egg had a double yolk, which is not that uncommon with free-range chickens, I'm told.
In the afternoon I gathered a few weeds for some macro fun.  I'm not even kidding - little weeds with their tiny, delicate flowers, make very good subjects!
 Not pleased to find this inhabitant of an otherwise lovely rose-bud.  At first his head popped out to inspect my lens which must have seemed awfully large at its 5cm proximity.  I used two pairs of pliers to gently pry away the leaves to see what it was that kept looking at me, hoping it was an exciting spider or very large aphid which I could get close to, but being a worm it was quickly photographed before being discarded.

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