Thursday, February 28, 2013

A beau on oboe

The boys have started their music lessons now - Caleb was back into violin last week already, but has also taken on orchestra (although when I say 'taken on', that makes it sound like he has willingly volunteered to join the music ensemble - I should rather say 'we have forced Caleb to join the orchestra, under duress').  Secretly I suspect he is enjoying it although he would rather eat the hairs on his bow than admit to it, but apparently they do all the cool music in orchestra.  Aaron has just started the oboe today, and this magnificent looking instrument is ours on hire.  He had his first lesson on the assembly of the oboe and where not to touch and press on it, and how to carefully take it apart.  He also had his first attempt at making a sound come out of it, which is quite a feat in and of itself.  His teacher praised him roundly, congratulating him when he blew on the reed and made it sound like a dying duck.  A great start though and he is totally sold on it.  Hope the novelty doesn't wear off!
And...February 28th...last day of summer.  It was a magnificent summer's afternoon (after another foggy and cold morning), perfect for the last summer BBQ.  Goodbye summer, we have loved you and shall miss you - see you in December!
At 7.30 pm we were ready for our next set of swing dancing lessons - having graduated from beginner and begintermediate, we are now learning the double-Charleston - fun although it's a little awkward having your dance partner stare at the back of your head while you ponder your feet and the co-ordination of your arms.

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