Sunday, February 17, 2013

From the Mountains

Yesterday Nick and Andreas spent the day at Anton and Liesel's place, chopping firewood and trimming hedges (arriving late to the Gregory's house-warming, such was their dedication). Today Anton and Liesel wanted to extend a thanks, so invited us all around for a BBQ (the Phillipses are often involved with baby-sitting the triplets so their invitation was legitimate too).  The weather forecast said 'light drizzle clearing morning' but although the drizzle stopped around midday, the clouds didn't part.  Not too cold to gather around under the covered patio though or to wander around the extensive garden (and particularly to admire the massive bay-leaf bush - I forgot to bring several branches home with me, but would have had me a life-time supply of bay leaves.)
The cherry-picker which had been hired for the hedge-trimming was still around and still in use, as Andreas was tasked with the trimming of some uncommonly large hedges.  When he finished the arduous and noisy task, the rest of us had a bit of fun, going for rides in the machinery.  Bit of a ferris wheel effect except that thankfully it didn't go round and round.  I was pretty nervous once we got up, for sure, as the white knuckles will affirm. 
Awesome view though from up there!  Aaron and Dinnay went up...
...followed by Caleb and Jayden, except this time Nick showed them how to control it using the four levers which operate the hydraulically powered arms.  They did well, and what better boy toy could there be!
The BBQ itself was quite a late affair, so there was still time to wander about and appreciate the effect the drizzle had had on freshening things up.
Nick did his prep at their place, and then we shot off as soon as we had finished eating - the boys were sad to miss dessert :)

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