Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fly, Jesse, fly!

And there you have it, another entire week done.  Wednesday was Waitangi Day (a public holiday) but Nick was business as usual in spending the day at the office.  I was content to spend the day at home, as were the boys.  Did another beach visit or two but our summer temperatures are becoming a little less reliable, with several cloudy periods in between a few rays.
Sunday evening we said goodbye to Jesse Kempf, who is slowly transitioning out of home as he takes up studies in Christchurch.  I say 'slowly', because although officially he moves out on Tuesday, we are confident that we will still see much of him during uni holidays (as are his hopeful parents, Rene and Bron!).  I don't envy them having their first child leave home, but it is also a blessing to raise children who are capable and competent and ready to move out into the world as a separate entity.  Bittersweet.
Took to the beach again after farewell carrot cake and coffee after the pm service along with Petru and the brood.  A great evening for swading for us three adults, and swimming and dock-jumping for the six kids.  Following the beach, as if that and post-church fellowship wasn't sufficient, we called in at the Bothas for a quick coffee, which turned out not to be coffee at all but rather juice and watermelon.  And what is one supposed to do, having eaten a slice and being left with a juicy rind in hand, but to rub it all over unsuspecting and bare-armed friends?  I have fond childhood recollections of watermelon consumption on the lawn after 'supper', dressed in our pyjamas, on many warm summer's evenings.  I think Petru, Danielle and I have given the next generation some interesting scenes to commit to memory! 

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