Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Ten today

Yay, Aaron's countdown has ended...up before the birds in his excitement but we sent him back to bed for half an hour. He made it very clear that he wanted a ripstick for his birthday; clothes added to the present pile made him a very happy fellow!
Just barely awake...
Trying out the new stuff (boxer shorts were briefly modeled but definitely not photographed)
Ready for school in a hurry, then outside to test out the new board.  Looking like a pro already!
The school day proceeded as normal (long gone are the homeschooling birthday-holidays) but tea was a treat at McDonalds. 
Aaron especially wanted a happy meal to get the toy...the anticipation is probably the best part because the toys themselves are getting less and less amazing.  They were given GIRL toys by the cashier who must not have been paying attention... we went and got them swapped for the BOY toys, as below.  Huh, McDonalds?
Finished off with ice-cream and then a movie at home.  Happy double-digit birthday, to my 'baby' boy!

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