Friday, December 28, 2012

Cannibal Bay

Friday afternoon we joined most of the other camps for an afternoon picnic at Cannibal Bay, just a short drive around from our base at Pounawea.  Cannibal Bay is definitely a place to see - wide white beach and the most interesting rock pools arranged in straight rows where the mountain seems to have fallen over and arranged itself in ridges along the coastline.  There was a game of cricket on the go by the time we arrived; Nick was not slow in getting his bowling arm in action.  Caleb busied himself with sandcastle buildings while Aaron wandered around, happy as a boy in sand and water can be!  I got to know a few of the ladies as we walked a large stretch of beach. 
Patterns in the sand in rock pools - we pondered their origin until we spotted little snails crawling along, leaving a clear path in their wake.
Penguin!  We couldn't easily get around the bay head to see what was around the corner; would there have been a whole penguin colony I wonder?

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