Sunday, December 09, 2012

Of church, sun, fun, singing and cake

Would have been a lonely day to spend at home without Nick; also would have been a waste to spend it indoors! This was one of few really hot summers' days we've had so far - only an occasional breeze but its coolness was welcome. After church we had a quick lunch at home, then met up with Petru and the kids and Justus at Caroline Bay. Caleb and Aaron made a bee-line for the water and stayed in or around the water for the duration.
I joined a volleyball team but it seems we were no match for the awesome girls. That is to say, if we'd been playing a game we would have creamed them ;)
Gathering around for a team talk, which went something like "oh yeah, great weather today, and uh, so our strategy will be to get the ball over the net, and huh, there's a seagull".  Fun to be on the other side of the camera today for a while.
Whoops, my 'slip-slop-slap' sun safety policies got a bit forgotten today - sunscreen on the faces was about the extent, so Caleb got a bit burned on his back.
We had a quick music practice after church for the Carols Service next Sunday (our band was only three-strong but piano, cello and violin are going to be joined by guitar next week) and then took up Justus' invitation for cake and tea at his parents' house, along with Petru and the kids (again, no Grant - roll on, holidays!).  Nick joined us shortly after we arrived after his whirlwind Auckland trip and two-hour drive back from Christchurch, feeling a little weary; I unwittingly stumbled my way through the lighting of the advent candles by setting all four ablaze, before being instructed that it's only the second Sunday of Advent and only two candles get lit.  Doh!  So much for my German heritage.  Had some excellent fellowship around the table and a variety of cakes - Herman and Evie are superb hosts and shared much about their interesting family of 8 children.  Moved from the diningroom into the lounge for some singing; Herman finally closed a really special evening in prayer. 

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