Saturday, December 01, 2012

Coming up for 10

Happy nearly-birthday Aaron!  Being his double-digit birthday, it's a party year for him.  We did a pool party for him (which, incidentally, is quite likely one of the easiest parties possible to take the kids, they swim.  Done.) 
This was the first time I'd actually been to the new C-Bay Aquatic Centre (Century Swimming Pool is no more) and it really is lovely.  There are a few different sections and play areas, and a really cool water-playground with fountains and slides and spurts and spouts.  The boys loved it and were happy to swim for a good two hours!
Above: nearly a great aim; just missed Tafu.  Below: Nick and I were happy to read for the duration!
Vincent, Peter, Aaron, Tafu and Caleb - it's not in the quantity of friends, but the quality! 
Brought the group home for hotdogs and junk food after the swim.  Nicely done!

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